Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Meet Kalu

Today’s PetMeds adoptable pet is handsome Kalu. He’s available for adoption through Destiny for Dogs in south Florida. Could he be your snuggle buddy?

Meet Kalu.  He is a beautiful boy with a sweet disposition.  He is fully vetted and believed to be 8 years old. He has arthritis in his back and gets a little nervous when someone goes to pick him up. But, once he’s in your arms, he never wants to leave. He LOVES TO SNUGGLE! Kalu weighs 18 pounds and he is completely housebroken. Walks well on or off leash. LOVES, LOVES, LOVES riding in cars. Great appetite!  Eats anything!  Takes no meds but vet said he may eventually need to take a daily anti-inflammatory if his arthritis flares up. If you are interested in this sweet angel please contact or call her at 561-313-2005.


  1. Dale says

    I wonder if Kalu would enjoy riding in a truck? I happen to go to south Florida(Medley) every Friday. In what town is he located? What does it cost to adopt?

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