Buzz’s Adoption Story

My boyfriend took me to the local animal shelter one day to play with the puppies because I was away from home and missed my dogs. We were walking around looking at all of the animals when one cat caught our eye. I was terrified of cats, had been my whole life! I kept my distance as we looked in the cage at a beautiful girl cat, when I saw a long grey paw sneaking out of the cage next to my boyfriend. Before I could say a word, the grey cat slapped my boyfriend straight across the face. I could not stop laughing and moved over to look at the grey cat, and before I knew what I was doing, I opened the cage to play with him. He came out of the cage, put one paw on each shoulder, and rested his forehead on mine, purring loudly. 20 minutes later, I had a cat in my car named Buzz, with nothing left behind but my fear of cats.

Thank you for sharing Buzz’s adoption story with us; it sounds more like Buzz actually chose you!

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  1. alex says

    What a lovely story and a great end of this gorgeous cat. I have always adopted dogs that were not wanted; and they seem to realize that they’ve now have a loving home.

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