Chewie’s adoption story

We just lost our Schnauzer April 20th and swore no more dogs. A coworker’s husband posted pictures of dogs that need homes everyday and there he was. He was found roaming the streets and had been in lock up for 10 days. He then went to foster care for a week when we met him. He was scared but came around a little after eating some tripe from our hands. Two days later on June 23rd he was ours.  His name is Chewie short for Chubacka. He has a brother Nitro and sister Wickie, both rescue cats and Birdie our rescue Cockatiel. He has made us so happy and exhausted with his boundless amount of energy. Never a dull moment for many years to come.

Thanks for sharing Chewie’s adoption story with us, Jennifer! We’re glad he found a good home with you, and it looks like he’s settled right in.

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Erin Gleeson is the Outreach Specialist at 1-800-PetMeds® and works with the 1-800-PetMeds Cares donations program. She has loved animals as long as she can remember and has worked in several veterinary offices in the past as a veterinary technician. She has one cat, Kitsy, and frequently fosters kittens for a local rescue group. You can also find Erin on Google+.

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