Teddy’s Rescue Story

Mari D. shares photos and an adorable video of Teddy, a rescued Pomeranian:

Teddy is a loving and sweet Pomeranian

I rescued Teddy from Southern California Pomeranian Rescue.  He is the most loving & sweet pommie.

Teddy poses with his brother Teo

His special talent is that he can do the “pommie dance” when he wants a belly scratch or a treat.
I attached photos and a cute video of Teddy in “action”.

Thanks for sharing Teddy’s adoption story, photos and video with us, Mari!

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  1. says

    This is wonderful, Mari! Thank you for capturing Teddy’s epic Pommie Dance for all to see! He looks so happy!! And to PetMeds for posting Mari’s and Teddy’s adoption story.

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