The Rescue Story of Allons-y

This week, Crystal L. shares the story of Allons-y, a handsome, energetic rottweiler/lab mix:

Allons-y was rescued from the Homeward Bound in Manistee, MI

We rescued our new puppy from the Homeward Bound in Manistee, MI.  It’s a no kill shelter and everyone who worked there was very involved with the animals, and knew just about every detail about them!  My boyfriend and I initially just went to walk the dogs and play with a few of them.  However, the very first dog we walked was named “Dodger” and as soon as we got the leash to walk him, he was jumping straight up in the air with all four paws at the same height and stomping his feet and waggling his little tail (his little 70lb+ tail).  He was a rottweiler/lab mix and huge.

Allons-y is about 7 years old but has lots of energy

The shelter thinks that he was around 7 years old based on dental records, but he has the most energy of any dog I’ve ever had.  One of the ladies working with the dogs that day told us that they had found Dodger wandering on a very busy highway and that he had a couple tumors. One of the tumors was on his mouth, and he had to get a couple teeth removed as a result!  We fell in love with him instantly.  We brought him home and he is already house trained and knows how to sit, and “go lay down” – what a relief!

Allons-y is a handsome rottweiler/lab mix

He is such a little cuddle bug and would do anything just to be in the same room as you!  He also enjoys watching with the cats; however, they are still scared of our new big dog.  We named him after our favorite TV show: Doctor Who.  We love him so much, and he’s the best dog I could ever ask for.  We ♥ our rescue.

Thank you for sharing Alons-y’s rescue rescue story with us, Crystal! Alons-y sounds like a great buddy, and we’re so glad you gave him a forever home. Want us to feature your own rescue dog or cat here? It’s easy! Just email PetMeds at Be sure to tell us your pet’s adoption story, what makes your rescue pet special, and include a few photos of your special dog or cat.

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