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Choosing Your Pet’s Food

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One of the most important decisions you will make for your pet is selecting the best food for your dog or cat.  All pets are different and have different preferences and needs.  Some things to consider when choosing pet food are: your pet’s life stage (puppy, adult, senior?), activity level, and your pet’s current weight… [Read more]

Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pets


Christmas is drawing near, so many of you have probably started with the holiday decorations and planning by now.  However, we might be enjoying the festivities and become so engrossed with all the preparations that we set aside our other priorities, such as pet care. While I don’t accuse anybody of slacking off on their pets during the holiday season, there are plenty… [Read more]

Learning THE Language: Communicating With Your Dog


Dogs communicate in their own unique ways.  Unlike humans, they don’t use words to express their feelings, but instead they communicate through different verbal cues, body language and facial expressions. As a result, there are times that people, even their owners, do not understand them. Understanding the feelings of dogs is an important task. When… [Read more]