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Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Meet Jewell
Posted by Abby Rosenberg on June 20, 2012
Filed under PetMeds Spotlight

This week’s PetMeds adoptable pet spotlight is on Jewell.  She is a beautiful Chihuahua-Dachshund mix currently in a foster home in Ft. Smith, AR.  Jewell is hoping for a loving forever home of her very own!

My Name is:  Jewell, because my heart is pure gold.
My FDR# is:  2012-05201
My age is:  3 ish
I am a:  Chweenie: Dachshund/Chihuahua
I am:    Female
I weigh:  8 pounds
My colors and markings are:  black/ tan
Date of Rabies shot: May 2012
Date of DHPP shot: May 2012
Date of Bortdello shot: May 2012
Date of Heartworm test: May 2012
I am current on all my vaccines:   Yes
I am housetrained:       Work in Progress
I am crate trained: Yes
I am considered special needs: Yes
I would do well in a home with children under the age of 8 years old:  No; though she would love them, they may be too rough for her fragile little self!
I enjoy the company of other dogs:  yes loves other dogs
I enjoy the company of cats: Yes, but wants to chase
My Micro-chip number is:  HomeAgain 985 121 012 775 663
My adoption fee is:  $275.00
I require Heartworm Medication on this day every month:  15th

Jewell’s Bio:

Jewell is a very special little darling, small and gentle at only 8 pounds.  She was left at a shelter because her back was injured. Apparently, discarded like trash, with no thought to her feelings or concern as to what would become of her. Under these circumstances, there was no way to know how long she has had this injury.  So our veterinarian suggested conservative treatment, rest, steroids, pain meds, and plenty of love.  Jewell is doing better, but would benefit from a home were her people were home much of the day, where she could be offered regularly water therapy, and given time to heal.  She can run and play at this point, though her gait is funny, her desire is great!  Her exercise is still quite limited per her veterinarian.  But she is gaining strength daily.

Jewell was abandoned at a shelter because she had a back injury

If you have been looking for a darling, to love you, to be your best friend, and then look no further, Jewell is a sweet bundle of love, waiting to be enfolded into her forever home.

She is fairly house trained, but has difficulty controlling her urine.  When she has to go, she really has to go… She does use the doggie door here when she is able.

If you are a patient, kind and caring person, who can give this little sweetheart the life she deserves, please fill out an adoption application today to give her a furever home!

Jewell is looking for a patient, kind and caring person

If you are interested in adopting or learning more about Jewell, contact her foster home:  DeeAnn,  Ft. Smith, AR: DeesDawgs@aol.comAn online adoption application is available at the Furever Dachshund Rescue website.

Out of State adopters welcome although they do not ship animals. Please contact FDR about volunteer or paid transport options! Any dog traveling over state lines must have a health certificate obtained by a veterinarian and there is a $40 charge.

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