Capstar + Program: A Perfect Combination

Pet parents understand that it is important to control fleas for the well-being of their pets. Topical flea control products are popular because they are easy to use, safe and effective. However, there are some pet guardians that prefer not to use a spot-on product for their pets for a variety of reasons; perhaps they don’t like the smell or the mess, and while uncommon, there are some dogs and cats that may experience irritation at the site of application of this type of flea medication.  If you are one of the pet guardians looking for an oral non-prescription flea control product, Capstar and Program may be the combination you’re looking for.

Both Capstar and Program are oral pet medications that control fleas on dogs and cats. While you can use either one independently, they have different actions, and are best used together. Let’s look at how each product works:

Capstar is an unflavored tablet that begins working within 30 minutes after ingestion to kill adult fleas on dogs or cats. More than 90% of adult fleas will be killed within 4 hours on dogs, and within 6 hours on cats. While Capstar begins working quickly, the effects do not last beyond the initial 24 hours. Even though you may see fleas on your dog or cat, what you don’t see are the flea eggs, larvae and pupae that are also present. To eradicate a flea problem, it is also important to target all stages of the flea life cycle, and Capstar does not treat flea eggs or flea larvae.

Program is available in tablet form for dogs and cats, as well as a liquid version for cats only. Unlike Capstar, Program has no effect on adult fleas but works by preventing flea eggs and flea larvae from developing, thus breaking the flea life-cycle. Each dose of Program is effective for 30 days.

Used in combination, Capstar and Program are a great flea management system. A dose of Capstar provides immediately relief from adult fleas already on your dog or cat, and following that with a monthly dose of Program will ensure that you break the flea life cycle.

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Erin Gleeson is the Outreach Specialist at 1-800-PetMeds® and works with the 1-800-PetMeds Cares donations program. She has loved animals as long as she can remember and has worked in several veterinary offices in the past as a veterinary technician. She has one cat, Kitsy, and frequently fosters kittens for a local rescue group. You can also find Erin on Google+.

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