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Shelter Spotlight: Cat Adoption Team
Posted by PetMeds Pro on October 21, 2011
Filed under PetMeds Spotlight
Zip is an adoptable pet from the Cat Adoption Team Meet the lovely Zip. He has had his tail amputated after he was injured, either by another animal or car accident. But he’s doing well now, and he’s ready to be adopted into his furrever home. Can you open your heart to Zip?

The Cat Adoption Team (CAT) in Covington, KY provides safe foster homes for cats until they can find their forever homes. They are proud to be a NO KILL group, and they concentrate on pulling cats from the county shelter to prevent euthanizing. They spay/neuter all cats and make sure each one gets an exam and necessary treatment from the veterinarian. And when they are out of space, they transport cats to other no kill rescues that have openings.

When they have funding, CAT also provides cat supplies for low income folks who are having trouble affording their cat’s expenses in hopes that fewer cats will be separated from their owners and turned into shelters.

They encourage anyone with some love to give to foster a kitty. The cat adoption team provides all necessary supplies for fostering, so all foster parents have to do is give some time, attention, and love.

PetMeds donates to shelters in need like CAT and many others across the US. Do you know of a local shelter in your area that could use our help? Recommend an animal shelter to receive free PetMeds donations.

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One Response to “Shelter Spotlight: Cat Adoption Team”

  1. Jacque Poitevint on 01 Nov 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    I live in the State of Calif the Los Angeles County. I have a neighbor that has been breeding and feeding cats under a shed on the property. She was told over 9 years ago to get the cats fixed and licenced. (at that time there were very few cats). She did not do what A.C. asked and lied to them as to how many cats she now has. I called the A.C. and they will not do anything as they say cats are free roaming animals. These cats are not vaccinated and continue to breed several times a year. They are destroying personal property and I am allergic to cats. Please feel free to look at my f.b. timeline (Jacque Poitevint Quartz Hill) to see pictures I have taken. I contacted the lady that owns the property (rentals) and she told her to get rid of cats. All she did is put up higher fence which won’t keep cats in and put plastic and rock down so you can not smell poop around her house. They are now coming to my yard and I deliver a bag of poop every week to her but am totally at odds as to what to do. There must be over 100 cats living under shed after 9 years and no agency will help me. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get this problem taken care of legally. They are being fed and I do not have any problem with a few cats but this is just too much. HELP ME PLEASE !!!!! Calif Code Sec 10.20.038 says one household can have 5 cats and any more require a facility license. So what do I do if A.C. won’t help me.

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