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Feeding Nature’s Variety Instinct Frozen Raw Diet to Your Pet
Posted by Abby Rosenberg on June 18, 2012
Filed under PetMeds Spotlight

While still controversial, interest in raw food diets for pets is increasing. More pet parents are choosing to investigate a raw food diet for their own pets, as this type of diet is closest to what your dog or cat would eat in the wild. Switching to a raw food diet can seem intimidating, but Nature’s Variety has made feeding a raw food diet simple. This raw food comes in a variety of proteins to satisfy even the pickiest eater, including chicken, beef, bison, venison, rabbit, lamb and duck. You can purchase Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Frozen food in either a 3 pound bag, which consists of approximately 48 one-ounce medallions, or a 6 pound bag, which contains 12 eight-ounce patties.

Is it balanced?

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Frozen food have passed AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control) Protocol feeding trials, which is your assurance that this food has been scientifically substantiated as complete and balanced. This diet is suitable for both dogs and cats, and may be used for all life-stages. Each raw medallion or patty is composed of 95% meat, organs, and raw ground bone, 5% fruits and vegetables, and is completely free of grain.

What about diseases from raw food?

The digestive tracts of cats and dogs are uniquely designed to eat raw food. Their specialized digestive tracts are shorter, allowing for food to pass through the digestive tract more quickly, before bacteria can develop. Dogs and cats have stronger stomach acids, creating an environment that is inhospitable for bacteria. Additionally, Nature’s Variety uses a process known as High Pressure Processing (HPP) when manufacturing their raw food diets; this process uses water pressure to kill harmful bacteria.

When handling Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Frozen foods, it is important to observe good hygiene practices, as you would when handling raw food you are preparing for your family. Wash your hands before and after handling the raw food, and wash and disinfect any utensils, cooking surfaces or pet food bowls that come into contact with the food.

How do I serve this food to my pet?

The raw, frozen patties and medallions are nutritionally complete and ready to serve.  Be sure to store the bag in your freezer until you are ready to feed it to your pet. The day before, simply remove your pet’s daily portion from the freezer and place in your refrigerator to thaw overnight. You can place the frozen food in a covered container, or in a Ziploc bag for thawing in the refrigerator. Once the daily portion has thawed, it is recommended you serve to your pet within 24 hours. After serving, pick up and discard any uneaten food after about 30 minutes.

It is ultimately up to the pet parent to select and feed the best pet food for his or her dog or cat. Should you elect to try a raw food diet for your pet, Nature’s Variety Instinct Frozen Raw diets make feeding this type of food simple and convenient.

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