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Sandy’s Rescue Story
Posted by Abby Rosenberg on May 24, 2013
Filed under PetMeds Spotlight

Hello, My name is Sandy. Well, it’s Sandy now. I don’t remember what my name used to be. But I do remember this.

One day, it started raining really bad. It got very windy and very cold. The humans I lived with back then put stuff in boxes and left. I did not know where they were going but trusted they would come back like they always did. So I waited for them.

My water dish was getting dry, my food dish was empty and my humans were not back yet. The door to outside was open so I went out to look for them. I could not find them anywhere. I was getting very thirsty and drank some water I found on the floor. There was lots of water on the floor for me to drink after the rain. I was getting hungry and found some food to eat as well. I must have been walking a really long time to look for my humans because before I knew it, I was lost. My humans were gone and I was getting very scared. I was never alone before.

Sooner or later other humans saw me and came over to me, but I was scared of them and ran away. One day someone put all this food in a garden for me. I was so hungry at that time I went in the garden and ate all that food. While I was eating, I heard a door close shut. I got very scared and started barking. Turns out, the food someone left for me was not in a garden. It was in a trap to get dogs like me off the streets and in loving homes.

I was then taken to the vet to get examined. Because I was outside for so long, I had a bad skin infection and had to have a special bath and have all my fur shaved off.

After my visit to the vet, I went to a place with other dogs and cats like me. All the humans there were nice, but I was still scared of them. They started calling me Sandy and took me to a home where there were humans and other dogs. I liked the house, the humans and other dogs that were there. I am still there now and am not scared of humans anymore.

I love my new home and my new furever family and I TRUST my new humans will NEVER leave me in the rain.

Thank you for reading the story of my rescue.

Thank you for sharing Sandy’s rescue story with us, Dawn! We know you have a family of beautiful rescues.

We’d love to feature your rescue dog or cat here, too! Just email PetMeds at rescuepet@petmeds.com and share your pet’s adoption story and a photo or two of your own rescue dog or cat.

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One Response to “Sandy’s Rescue Story”

  1. Joan Ryan on 24 May 2013 at 4:09 pm #

    What a bittersweet story! So happy for Sandy.

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