Adopt a Cat Month


Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat MonthAdopt a Shelter Cat Month, which takes place each June, was started by the ASPCA to spread awareness of the millions of homeless cats in the U.S. waiting for families. 1-800-PetMeds Cares™ celebrated the month by holding a contest for animal shelters and rescues that help homeless cats find forever homes.

The winning rescues received Advantage II adoption kits for their adoptable cats, to be given to new adopters. Each adoption kit contained a feline dose of Advantage II (in size small or large), coupons for flea prevention and educational material about the benefits of flea prevention for cats.

To enter, shelters and rescues shared the story of a cat they had rescued. After the entry period, the contest was opened to voting. The three shelters with the most votes won adoption kits.

Pound Pets, Inc., located in Jerseyville, IL, came in first place. Their entry is shown below and highlights the story of Mouse. Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control, Inc., and Lady Luck Animal Rescue came in second and third and also won adoption kits.

First Place: Pound Pets, Inc.

Pound Pets won Adopt a Shelter Cat Contest.

On August 17th, 2013, a sick little grey cat was pulled from an animal control on the metro east side of St. Louis (Granite City, IL). It was her last day to be rescued or reclaimed as she was brought in as a stray. With a heavy heart, Pound Pets, Inc took her to the vet to be checked out, thinking that they were going to suggest euthanasia because it seemed like she was having difficulty breathing. Much to their surprise, the vet said she was obviously extremely malnourished, but only had a severe upper respiratory infection that she was having difficulty with. They estimated her age at about 10 years old, a senior in cat years and she only weighed a little over 4 lbs. She was sent home with Pound Pets co-vice president, Krystle. A few hours later her foster mom, Chris came to get her. That was the beginning of Mouse’s new life. With Chris’s care and love, a new cat began to shine through the dull, hairless mess that she was before. She got over her infection, and her hair grew back. Turns out she is a gorgeous Russian Blue, with the softest fur and loving personality. When she was healthy enough, Mouse became available for adoption. Her foster mom worried and worried that a family would become interested in her and not be the right fit. Mouse was a special girl that needed just the right family. On a fateful day in April, 2014, pound pets was contacted by a young couple looking to adopt a senior cat. Chris took mouse to their home for a “meet and greet”, leery if they would be right for Mouse. It only took being there for a few minutes for Chris to know, her time as Mouse’s foster mom was coming to an end. The couple fell in love, and fell hard! On May 1, 2014, mouse was officially adopted! Sadly, it was only 4 short months later that another health emergency struck little Mouse, or Mini Mouse as her adoptive momma likes to call her. She had severe bleeding from her mouth and an abscess that needed surgery asap. Due to her age, blood tests needed performed before anesthesia. With that, Mini Mouse took another blow. She had elevated kidney function levels, meaning kidney failure. The veterinarian blamed most of her problems on her malnutrition and bad care for years. Thankfully she came through the surgery for her mouth abscess. She had all but 3 of her teeth removed, as well. She has been put on a special kidney diet and eats only canned food now. Her adoptive mom and dad love this little girl to pieces. She has especially bonded to her mom and sleeps curled up in her arms every night and meows a happy “Hi” to her every time she comes in the room. She sure has come a long way from almost being put to sleep. She was one of Pound Pets, Inc’s first rescue cats and is an inspiration for all. She is a true survivor who has never lost her spirit even after humans let her down and has only grown stronger as she’s overcome her struggles.