Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Baby and Candy, Victims of a Hoarder

This week’s PetMeds featured adoptable pets are Candy and Baby.  They were rescued from a terrible situation and have amazingly learned to trust again.  Can you provide a forever home filled with the love that these dogs have been missing their entire lives?

Meet Candy and Baby.  Candy and Baby have been living in an extreme hoarding environment in which they were never let out of the mobile home they were living in.  The owner is an 86 year old woman with mental issues.  Neighbors didn’t even know she had dogs because they have never seen them and this is a retirement community where people are home all the time.  About 3 months ago the woman was heard screaming and a neighbor went over and found her injured and she was sent to the hospital.  This is when it was realized what horrendous living conditions this woman was in.  No one was there to take care of the dogs and one was so mean that no one could get near it.  The dogs were left alone for a few days until the family from California could get here to Florida.  The dogs have been going to the bathroom for years in the house and I don’t have to tell you what it smells like in this place.

A  few months later when the woman was home recovering she got in her car and drove into town where she was in a car accident.  No one knew of the accident and the dogs were alone for 4 days before Destiny for Dogs got involved.  We went in and got the dogs (carefully) and got them to the vet.  The white Maltese is blind and is approximately 9 years old, male, blind from cataracts and had severe dental issues and a heart infection from the dental issues.  The Silky mix is approximately a 5 years old, female, and has the same dental disease and heart infection.  These angels had never been to the vet.

They have had their dental work completed, have received all their PetMeds to clear up their infections, received their first bath, and stayed with the vet for a month recovering and being taught how to play outside and not be afraid of people.  Believe it or not they are now healthy and give kisses to their foster parents.  They let you pick them up and we think this is an absolute miracle and now we would like someone adopt these angels and show them how real dogs are treated.

Please contact if you are interested in meeting these angels.

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  • bonnie goldstein says:

    hi joann if no one else steps up for these two please let me know. i need to know if they are being taught to be housebroken and do they like other small dogs. i need somemore excitement in my boring life . i have 7 small rescues here and two more would not bother me.
    let me know. they are seniors and i have had experience with blind dogs ihave a blind l3 year young schnauzer right now. i am a very good doggie and kitty mommy as u know

    bonnie in pa

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