Adoptable pet spotlight: Lily

Are you looking for a well-behaved, kid and dog-friendly dog to add to your family? Meet Lily! She’s available for adoption through Secondhand Hounds.

Friendly Lily is looking for a forever home!

Lily is a Blue Heeler/Lab mix originally from Kentucky. She is roughly 5-7 years old. She has a very loving personality yet is very independent. She will cuddle with you as you sleep or watch TV but will spend time alone either under a bed or in the kennel on her own time. She can spend hours alone and be completely happy with it, as she is very content with being alone and doing her own thing. She is very laid back and loves to sleep. She also loves to smell and smell and smell on her walks. She does not bite and is great around children. She is great with other dogs and does not have a history of being aggressive towards other dogs or children. She is house trained.

Lily does have an area of concern: she has panic attacks with loud noises like fireworks and thunder. When she has these panic attacks, it’s best to put her in a kennel or another “safe place”. We have had a few issues with not being at home when these noises happen, and it’s imperative that she is either in a kennel or has a clear path to her safe place. These panic attacks can be rather severe to the point where she may hurt herself or something in the home.

Don’t let this steer you away from this loving companion though, she wants nothing but love and a treat. She is a joy to get to know and love, and she will love you as much as you love her.

Lily with a dog friend in her foster home.

Lily is available for adoption through Secondhand Hounds in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. If you’re interested in adding her to your family, visit their website to complete an adoption application.

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