Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Meet Dillon

This week’s PetMeds adoptable pet spotlight is on Dillon, a happy-go-lucky hound mix located in Saukville, WI. Can you give Dillon the forever home he is searching for?

Dillon is a happy-go-lucky hound mix

Hi! Got a question for you…Are you looking for a happy-go-lucky dog to romp around your fenced-in yard?  Do you have a pond you might like to share with a dog for swimming and playing in?  Well, guess what – I fit that description; I could be that dog and I’d love to make you happy by watching me or better yet romping and playing with me.

Dillon gets along well with other dogs and cats

I’m about 6 months old and about 45 pounds.  My paws tell me that I’ll grow a bit more, but that just means you’ll have more of “handsome me” to love.  As I mentioned, I love to play, I love water and I love my people.  I currently live with 5 other dogs and a couple of cats, so you know I get along with other animals. I do try to test the alpha male once in a while-trying to take his toys-because it’s what puppies do- but he always seems to win.  I wouldn’t mind being the only dog or maybe just one other dog in the family because then I don’t have to share your love and attention as much.

Dillon is smart and loves to play

Because I am still a puppy, I do come with some puppy antics, but I listen pretty well, so just tell me that I’m doing something wrong.  I’ll get the hang of it; I can learn to be the dog you want.  I think a training class would be fun too, because I’m a smart guy and we could learn all kinds of things together.  (I know how to sit very nicely already-so I’m on my way) And that way, I get to spend time with you, because I love to spend time with my people.

I’m housebroken and crate trained.  I love to go for walks, but you could teach me to run with you and that would be a great time too.  Oh yea, I forgot to tell you, I do love to relax with you too, I’m not all about playtime.

Come to meet me soon.

Forever Yours,

The Handsome and Quite Adorable,


To learn more about Dillon, visit the Tailwaggers 911 website or email them at

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