Adoptable pet spotlight: Meet Einstein!

Here is another puppy we rescued off of  Craig’s List. We are not sure what the breed of this puppy is yet because he is so skinny.  It is thought he is a young puppy less than 9 months old.  We have picked him up, named him Einstein and took him to the vet.

We are getting donations and food right now for this sweet angel and will be looking for a foster and forever home.  Currently the same woman has this angel that has “Mack.”  He is so skinny that his sharp bones on his hips are starting to protrude through the skin.

When Einstein is  ready, he will be available for adoption through Destiny for Dogs, located in south Florida. To find out more about Einstein (or Mack), please contact JoAnn at 561-313-2005 or e-mail her at

Note: If you’re affiliated with a rescue or shelter and you’d like PetMeds to feature one of your shelter’s adoptable dogs or cats, just email us at

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