Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Meet Ferdinand

Since October is Pit Bull Awareness Month, we’re happy to shine the spotlight on this week’s adoptable pet, Ferdinand, located in Austin, TX.  Can you give this big-hearted boy the loving home he so deserves?

Ferdi was named after Ferdinand the Bull

Rescued from living the first 7 years of his life on a chain, and named after “Ferdinand the Bull,” for his big, big heart, this couch potato just wants to spend his days loving someone. He loves to swim or play in the water and is a great co-pilot! Ferdinand has been through professional training and has been temperament tested for therapy work. He may be Elder, but he has plenty of love left to give. Ferdi has shown everyone he meets just how resilient, loving, and trusting dogs can be. And the truth is, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Ferdinand was rescued from living the first 7 years of his life on a chain

If you are interested in Ferdie, or would like more information, please email or fill out an application at

Ferdinand has lots of love to give

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