Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Meet Fiona!

This week’s PetMeds adoptable pet spotlight is on Fiona, a delightful terrier mix who, despite her past, loves everyone she meets. Can you give Fiona the loving home she has been hoping for?

Fiona is a medium-sized 45 pound terrier mix who is around 5-6 years old.

Fiona is a medium-sized 45 pound terrier mix who is around 5-6 years old. A delightful girl, Fiona gets along with all walks of life and enjoys playing with her canine buddies. Despite being a victim to unkind hands, she loves everyone she meets, adores cuddling with her humans and is a great snuggler!

Everyone who meets Fiona is enamored by her charm, yet she’s always overlooked because she takes Proin for leaking. On this medication she has NO leaking or accidents what-so-ever! She loves the tasty, beef flavored medicine and runs to you to get it as soon as she hears the bottle. She does fantastic!

Fiona's "leaking" is well-controlled on Proin

Fiona is a very intelligent, well mannered girl, always thoughtful of others. Her wiggly little body and her tremendous smile make her a true joy to have as a part of the family. You just can’t help but smile with Fiona, for her joyful disposition is contagious! We’ve loved having her as a part of our rescue, but we know she longs for her own forever home. We also know that when she finds it, they will be incredibly grateful that they adopted her.

Please contact K9.5 Rescue to learn more about Fiona.

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