Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Meet Fluffy

This week’s PetMeds featured adoptable pet is Fluffy.  He’s mostly blind, but still enjoys human company and would dearly love a home of his own.  Can you find a place in your heart and home for this handsome boy?

Fluffy has a visual impairment, but has lots of love to give

Meet Fluffy! He was pulled from a shelter in Indiana and returned because he bit the foster’s daughter. He was pulled by the rescue and sent to one of their fosters, where it was discovered that Fluffy is mostly blind.  He’s a lovely cat, but very shy because of his limited vision.

Fluffy is shy, but likes to be petted

His foster mom says this about him: “Fluffy is somewhat aloof but loves to be in the company of a human but not necessarily on the lap. If you are working on the computer or doing paperwork he is there to keep you company. He likes to be petted but does have a temper if he does not get his way. He loves running water! Fluffy co-exists with other cats and dogs, but the ideal setting would be one where he is the only cat. Fluffy would probably thrive and warm up in a one cat household without small children.”

Fluffy is located in WV and is available for adoption to the right person or couple. To find out more about Fluffy, click here to contact Jennifer by email.

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