Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Meet Hope

Today’s PetMeds adoptable  pet is Hope.  This poor little dog was full of bladder stones but she’s now on the road to recovery and is looking for a forever home. Hope is located in South Florida.

This little angel’s name was “Bagel” but has now been changed to “Hope.”  She was surrendered by her owner because she was having some “potty issues.” Destiny for Dogs stepped in and took this little angel and immediately realized something was wrong.

As you can see by the photo, she was plagued with many bladder stones and had emergency surgery to have them removed.  She will be recovering for a while and will continue to take her PetMeds for pain and infection and then will be looking for a forever home.  We desperately need some donations to help with her surgery expense and her continued care until she is adopted.  Our little “Hope” is also available for adoption if you are interested.  Please visit Destiny for Dogs for more information or to donate.

If you are interested in adopting this angel please contact or call 561-313-2005.

Here’s a short video of Hope having fun playing with her ball:

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  • Priscilla says:

    What breed is Hope? She looks so much like my dog Dewey that I lost last year. I adopted him and never found out what breeds he was a mix of. She’s beautiful and I hope that Hope finds a loving, forever home!

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