Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Meet Hurricane

Hurricane is hoping to find a loving forever home of her own; she’s located in south Florida. Can you find a place in your home and heart for this sweet girl?

Meet Hurricane.  Hurricane is a 9-year old Schnauzer Mix girl whose owner has passed away.  She weighs approximately 30 pounds, loves everyone (dogs, cats and children), loves riding in the car and going for walks.  Her eyesight is not 100% but it appears she does see shadows so she gets around very well.  This little angel requires 13 units of insulin twice a day.  She is good when receiving her shots which make this task very simple.  Hurricane is having her eyes checked and will have some Dental work and will be vetted and get all her necessary PetMeds.  Hurricane is eligible for cataract surgery to restore her vision.  The cost will be $2,000.  If the money can be raised via donations we will be providing this surgery so she will be able to see her adopter.

She is a loving angel and really needs to be part of a family as she misses her mommy so much and it would be great if someone can continue to love her like her mommy did before she went to Heaven.  If you are interested in adopting Hurricane please contact or call 561-313-2005.  To donate go to and click on the donation button.

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