Adoptable pet spotlight: Meet Jay!

Absolutely beautiful, gentle Jay is a blue-eyed Siberian Husky, born about 8/23/10. His current weight, is a healthy 57.5 lbs. Too bad he cannot talk – he would have some interesting tales – some hair raising, I am sure. You see, he was found locked into a tiny crate, right along a busy county highway. It was 90 degrees outside – he was panting…he couldn’t stand/sit/turn around…who does something like that? A Good Samaritan couldn’t help but see him along the road and brought him to our shelter. Upon closer observation, we could see he had two wounds on his flanks – his skin was burned and the hair was singed. To this day, we can’t imagine the origination of those wounds – but it has taken intensive veterinary care (including laser treatment), and weeks of wearing an Elizabethan (E-Collar), to ensure those wounds would heal correctly. Now, time will take care of the hair re-growth.

Jay is respectful of everyone at the shelter (kids, too), absolutely stunning to look at, walks great on a leash, and appears to be house trained. He is quiet and gentle. He is playful, docile while inside, and very social too. We have had him professionally groomed (remember, Siberian Huskies are double-coated). He is very smart, friendly with strangers (not a watch-dog). He has been busy getting ready for his Forever Home too: he is neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated for the year, wormed, tested negative for heartworms and is current on Heartworm/Flea/Tick preventative. His Adoption Fee is $150.

Think you are ready for a Siberian Husky? Read on….Huskies are great jogging companions – they are an Arctic breed, bred to pull sleds. They need mental and physical stimulation every day – and lots of it. They can climb standard chain link fences, and can run long distances (roaming dogs are at risk for all sorts of casualties). Jay is capable and would be happy to do both, if given the chance. You will need to spend lots of time with a Husky, making certain that their basic breed needs are met. Exercise, fenced in yard with high fence or privacy fence) and lots of interaction from his guardian(s) – affection and love will round out this very beautiful and loving dog.

Jay is available for adoption through PALS (Pets A-Lone Sanctuary) in Lincoln County, Missouri. To find out more about Jay, contact the shelter by telephone at 636-338-1818 or by email at

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  • Connie Parks says:

    Is Jay still available? My husband is newly retired and would have lots of time for Jay. We both love dogs. How does he get along with other animals?

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