Adoptable pet spotlight: Meet Jenna!

Hi I am Jenna! I am a Pure Bred Boxer with fawn coloring. My birthdate is 7/6/10. I am a retired breeder dog and was made to stay outside all of the time. They decided to get rid of me because I was barking. Well, really, what is a girl to do? I was out there by myself keeping all the wild animals away. It was pretty scary. The flies really bothered me a lot. When I got turned over to the rescue, I had some open sores but those are all healed and only the fresh scars can be seen. I like being an inside-outside dog. I will run for a while outside but then I come inside where it is cool/warm depending on the weather. I can come and go whenever I want with the doggy door. It is wonderful.

I am housetrained and my shots are current. I have been spayed. I had a hard time having puppies. That was another reason the breeder got rid of me.

I will be your best friend if you are willing to adopt me and take me home with you. Just call Debbie at the rescue 913-744-7040 and ask for an adoption application.  Or cut and paste the form and email it back to

SRL, Inc
All Breed Dog Rescue
Adoption Application

Date:                      ____________________________________

Name of Dog of Interest:           ______________________

Breed of Dog_________________________

Full Name:  ________________________________

Email:          ______________________________________________

Street Address:  _____________________________________________
(No PO Box Numbers)

City, St Zip:    _____________________________________________

Phone number:   _____________________________________________
(Include area code)

Cell Phone:     _____________________________________________

Do you own or Rent your home:  ________________________________

If Rent, Landlord phone number    _______________________________

And name:                   _________________________________________

Is your yard Fenced:        _________________________________________

Have you ever given a pet away?  ________________________________

Why? ______________________________________________________

If you had other pets, what happened to them?  _____________________


Where will this pet be kept at night?    _______________________________

Where will this pet be kept during the day?    _________________________

Are you willing to allow a home visit?  _____________________________

How will you get the dog to your home? _____________________________

Vet Reference:       ___________________________________________

Vet Phone number:          ___________________________________________

Personal Reference (not a family member):    _________________________

Personal Reference Phone Number: ________________________________

Jenna is located in Minneapolis, KS and is available for adoption through SRL, Inc an all-breed rescue.

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