Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Meet Jessie

This week’s PetMeds featured adoptable pet is Jessie.  Can you find a place in your heart and home for this sweet dog?

Jessie is a six year old German Shepherd

Jess-sugar, Jess-spice,
Jess-a bit of everything that
makes a little girl dog nice.

Pretty corny, huh?  Well what do expect, after all I’m a dog not a poet.  The fact is I’m an extremely good dog and an extremely lousy poet.  Word around town is that I’m super sweet (must be all the sugar) with a good measure of sass added in (I think that’s the spice I mentioned).  And since I’m a bona fide GSD everything about me is nice.  And like they say, good things come in small packages!

What’s that?  You want a little background on me?  Yeah, okay, I’ll tell you what I can.  A few months ago I was alone and living on the street.  I was covered in a bunch of blood sucking fleas and ticks and had to work hard for every bite of food I got.  I’ll spare you the ugly details of what it took just to get by, but I was at my wits end.  I don’t remember how it all came about but suddenly I realized I was standing in the middle of a dark road at night and there were two big white lights coming right at me.  I sure was lucky that night; the lady driving the car saw me at the last minute and opened her car door for me.  At first I was too scared to get in then I realized she was going to leave and I yelled “wait, please wait” and I took off toward those lights as fast as I could.  I was sure happy when I caught up to them and when that car door opened I was inside before they had a chance to change their mind.  I was finally safe with a person and I knew a meal was heading my way. And I got more than a meal!  I got a full belly, a bath, some good stuff on my neck to put an end to those pesky fleas and someone pluck every tick right off me.  They took me to the Doc to be sure I was really okay but the Doc found something wrong – a cancerous mammary tumor.  At first everybody was really scared but that Doc promised to fix me up and fix me up he did.  He took that old tumor out and said I’m good as new!  I’ve survived just about everything there is and I’m proud of it too!

Jessie is good with kids and other big dogs

Once I was buffed and puffed it was clear to everyone who saw me that I would be a real keeper for somebody.   I have perfect house manners so I never have to go into a kennel.  I take treats gently and appreciate every one of them.  I really love humans and I’ll do just about anything for a bit of attention.   I jess need somebody who will appreciate me and understand that there are things I know and things I don’t.  I’m not always sure how to act around other dogs but when reminded I’m a pretty good friend to them – the big ones anyway.  But those little ones are a different story.  I jess want to get my paws on the little ones and their cat friends and their squirrel neighbors.

Really, I’m jess dying to meet a forever human.   If you know anybody looking for a bit of sugar and spice would you send them my way?

Jessie (tag #3473) is currently in a foster home located in Williamsburg, VA.  To find out more about Jessie, contact Virginia German Shepherd Rescue or contact them by email.

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