Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Meet Lucy

This week’s PetMeds adoptable pet spotlight is on Lucy, a sweet 9 year-old pug in the NY tri-state area.  Can you give Lucy the loving home she deserves?

Look at that sweet face! Lucy is a 9 year-old fawn pug looking for a loving home in which to spend her golden years. Lucy was surrendered by her owners because they could no longer care for her. Lucy would make a perfect companion; she will follow you around and keep you company wherever you are, and she loves to be included in your conversations. Lucy is good with children and other pets, although she has difficulty seeing and so can be easily startled. Lucy enjoys going on short walks, and would love to have a grassy yard to enjoy.

Even though Lucy is diabetic, she has a simple routine including a special diet, and insulin twice per day. Lucy has cataracts and needs over-the-counter eye drops applied daily for lubrication. Lucy’s sweet nature makes her easy to care for, and as long as she has a regular schedule, she doesn’t have any “accidents.”

Because Lucy loves companionship, her dream family would include someone who works from home, or is often at home. Because Lucy’s back legs are a bit weak, she would also do best in a home with few stairs. Lucy is currently in foster care where she is doing well, but hopes to find a forever home of her very own.

Can you find a place in your home and heart for this sweet snugglebug? Contact Julie if you would like to learn more about Lucy. You can also contact Curly Tail Pug Rescue to find out other ways you can help a pug in need.

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