Adoptable pet spotlight: Meet Miss Kitty!

Miss Kitty is a mature tabby who first came to Halfway Home in 2010 and was adopted with 2 other cats. Earlier this year all 3 were returned because of family hardship. Shortly after admission Miss Kitty came down with a serious eye infection that almost resulted in the loss of her eye. Fortunately, our consulting vet was able to save it, but you can see that one eye looks a little different. Miss Kitty is a big girl, she knows who she is but she makes an effort to get along with other cats and is allowed to be loose in a shelter room. She is healthy, spayed, and up to date on all vaccinations. Miss Kitty has been here for a few months and we’d love to see her into a truly forever home that will appreciate her.

Miss Kitty is available for adoption through Halfway Home Pet Rescue in Caribou, ME.  You can call their Adoption Facility by telephone at 207 999-1075, by email to or complete an online Adoption Application and Contract.

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  • Angela Waddell says:

    Do you have any history on her??? She looks remarkably like my son’s cat, Growler that was lost in Kansas at Fort Riley, we have been looking everywhere for her, any chance she in her history that she was a cat found and carried away??? He was devastated by her loss, he had lymphoma and she would cuddle with him after treatment and it helped, he is cancer free and missing his Growler Girl, she talks in a growling meow and is about 9 yrs of age… If there is any chance at all this one is her please email me, please.

  • Abby Rosenberg says:

    Angela, you can click the email link to contact Halfway Home Pet Rescue for more information, or give them a call. We’re so sorry your son lost his beloved cat Growler.
    ~ Abby, PetMeds Pro

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