Adoptable pet spotlight: Meet Oso and Pinto

Are you looking for a deserving pooch to foster or adopt into your home? Oso and Pinto need your help! These young pit bull mixes were neglected and have recently been rescued by Destiny for Dogs in South Florida.

Destiny for Dogs is desperately looking for a home for two pit bull mix brothers who are 1 year old who are living in a very bad situation.  They are very playful and are typical puppies but they live outside and have never been to a vet and are covered with fleas and clusters of ticks.  We have had all of these removed and will be completely vetting them and getting them neutered.  We need to find a permanent or temporary home for them.  If anyone in the Broward County or West Palm Beach County area of Florida can assist these angels please e-mail

Oso and Pinto are available through Destiny for Dogs in south Florida. Please email Melody at if you can open your home to either of them!

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