Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Meet Princess

This week’s PetMeds adoptable pet spotlight is on Princess, located in Cleveland, OH. This beauty is just two years old and has already been through so much.  Can you provide Princess with the loving home she so deserves?

Princess is about two years old

Princess came to All Dogs’ Heaven when she was found stray and in dire need of medical help. Princess was hit by a car and her pelvis was shattered; however, upon seeing the x-rays, we were given even more horrible news.  Princess was also shot multiple times, and that resulted in several BB’s being lodged in her legs, abdomen, and stomach.

Due to the severity of Princess’ injuries, we had no choice but to amputate her back left leg, and screw her right back hip in to place.  Princess spent 3 weeks in the hospital recovering from her surgery and learning how to walk, but also hoping that her hip would heal with only a screw holding it in place.

Princess is available for adoption at All Dogs' Heaven

Princess is now doing fantastic, and you wouldn’t even know she ever had a horrible past. Princess loves every person she meets, and kids are her favorite.  She demands belly rubs and loves sleeping in bed with you under the covers.  She is learning that other dogs are okay. Princess is 100% healed, fully vetted, spayed and now looking for her forever home where she can be spoiled and her past can be forgotten. Princess is around 2 years old and we are unsure of her breed but our vet thinks she might be a Beagle/Jack Russell mix with maybe even some Spitz in there too.

Princess is a friendly, happy dog hoping to find a permanent home

If you are interested in learning more about Princess, contact All Dogs’ Heaven or email them at

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  • Laura says:

    Princess is the best dog out there!! I love her more than anything! She deserves the best home ever!!

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