Adoptable pet spotlight: Meet River!

River is a very sweet boy. He was a Spindletop Rescue dog, a serious dog raid in Houston where over 300 neglected pit bulls were pulled. It was one of those ‘rescues’ where people who brought dogs there were promised sanctuary but received anything but sanctuary. Many people donated a lot of money towards this rescue, none of which was clearly used to help the dogs. If you get a chance, please google Spindletop Rescue if you have not yet heard of the story.

River has acquired a lot of stress (rightfully so) from being a neglected Spindletop Dog. He went from being pulled from the dog raiding to becoming a dog in boarding. We found out not long after he was rescued that he does not get along with other dogs and needs a home with no cats. River is about 2-3 years old and has been a Don’t Bully Me Rescue dog now for over a year. As you may know with rescues, although it is completely unfair for him to live his life in boarding, finding a foster home or adopter who has no other dogs are extremely tough to come by. We feel so horrible that he is spending his days in boarding and are trying as hard as we can to network him and get him out there to get closer to finding his foster or better yet forever home. He is now extremely handsome, happy, and smart! He has completed A.D.O.P.T. training and knows basic commands such as sit, down, and heel. He makes a wonderful running buddy and LOVES giving kisses! He would make a family very happy..we just have to find the family for him! He is available for adoption throughout the state of Texas.

River is located in Texas and is available for adoption through Don’t Bully Me Rescue Texas.  Complete an online adoption application, or find out more about River.

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