Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Meet Snoopy

Today’s PetMeds adoptable  pet is Snoopy.  He’s a handsome young lab mix with a playful personality.  Could you provide the forever home Snoopy is hoping for?

Snoopy is a young lab mix, approximately 12 mos. old and 60lbs. and has already reached full size.  He is white with tan spots, pretty golden eyelashes and very gentle eyes, ears that flop a bit at the sides of his head, making him ever so cute.  But, that’s not even the best part!

His personality is playful and spirited, loving and gentle, with lots of young dog energy but not bouncing off the walls.  The videos and photos in this profile were taken by Paws volunteers who just met him 2 minutes earlier.  He will make a great “find it, sniff it out” dog as he is very toy driven and loves to search and rescue his toys from under the furniture : ) He is smart and very driven to FIND.

He loves people, kids, dogs and though he needs some basic obedience training, he understands off and sit. He is very treat motivated, crates well and we think just an all around great pup, a big mush who will be great for kids.  He would do well with a yard to run and play in or with someone who wants a running/walking buddy. He does not make a fuss when dogs pass by other than wanting to play and be social. He knows how to sit and loves to roll over for belly rubs.

He will make a wonderful, loving family pet and will continue to learn manners, but is off to a very good start due to good doggie genes.  He is healthy and ready to go to a forever home of his own.

Meet Snoopy in Coral Gables by appointment. You can fill out an adoption application online at Paws4You, contact by telephone at 305 793-2548 or by email at

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  • Vani says:

    We adopted our sweet Sammy Kitty from the Shelter. We had just lost our liltte MaltiPoo a few months earlier and were feeling an empty place in our hearts. Even though my hubby has never really been a cat person, he could see the advantages of a cat over a dog at that point in our lives. That was back in 2002 (she was just 2 years old and her former owners had to give her up because of severe allergies). She is a typical, independent cat, but she has developed such a personality over the many years that we have had her. She is getting older now, and starting to slow down some, and I just can’t imagine the day when we won’t have her with us any more. There is nothing like an animal in your life to teach you the joy of loving companionship.

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