Adoptable Pet Spotlight: Meet Truman

This week’s featured PetMeds adoptable pet is Truman, an 8 year old Great Dane that loves toys and still thinks he’s a puppy.

Truman was surrendered to the rescue by the only family he’s known because they lost their home. He had been with that family since he was 5 weeks old as the only dog all his life. Truman is an 8 year old, male/neutered, fawn/blue merle Great Dane. He’s up-to-date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative & only monthly prevention. He walks well on leash, rides well in a car if he has enough room and enjoys being with people. He’s house broken and hasn’t been crated since he was 8-9 months old (per previous family).

He’s VERY playful for an adult Dane, loves to play with toys (tosses them in the air to catch them or pounce on them), gets the “dane zoomies” daily (will quickly redirect them outside if you open the door into a secure fenced yard and likes to race you up the stairs. He’s quiet and reserved but lacks basic dog social skills which has caused him to get into a few arguments with other dogs. Danes intimidate other dogs by their size anyway but with Truman being 128 lbs he’s large for a Dane too so he towers over other dogs and they read him as dominate or aggressive when he just doesn’t know he needs to sniff and introduce himself before he plays. So someone with Great Dane experience is ideal and/or someone with no or only one other dog in the home would be best for Truman.

He likes to back up onto the furniture and sit on it like a person, he also likes to get on the couch so he can use your leg as a pillow. He will wake you if you push snooze twice with a cold nose and loves to sneak kisses when you’re not looking or paying attention (though won’t give kisses if you ask).

He plays with his toys and the only “bad habit” his previous family informed us of was he loves to chew/destroy sunglasses and we have since learned he can step over the typical baby gate and will eat cat food until he’s sick so precautions should be taken in a home with cats (cat food if very bad for dogs).

He’s a little needy as he wants to follow his foster family from room to room and sleep against the bed at night. He’s rarely more than a few feet and always within vision from his people.

He’s currently in a home with dogs ranging in breed/mix and age from 5-100 lbs and cats. He is curious about cats and will sniff and walk away but if one runs he will chase it. He’s met a few children in public and that visit the foster and he’s very uneasy (borderline fearful) but curious. He’s hand shy/jumpy (especially around his head) and a stern voice sends him quickly to another room. He craves attention and affection but hasn’t overcome being hand shy so baby talk works best. A large fenced yard would be perfect for Truman! He aims to please and wants to be with people but his stomach gets him into trouble so precautions with cooking should be taken so he doesn’t burn himself or steal dinner. He knows sit, down, shake and stay; he knows what “outside” or “potty” means.

Truman is available for adoption through Peace Love & Dog Paws Rescue in Birmingham, AL.  Click to contact Peace Love & Dog Paws Rescue by email, or complete an online adoption application.

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