Adoptable pet spotlight: Mufasa

Are you looking for a laid-back, gentle dog to add to your family? Meet Mufasa! This Chow Chow is available for adoption through Tejas Rescued Pet Adoptions.

Mufasa is available for adoption in San Antonio, TX.

Mufasa is a laid-back, 7-year-old cream-colored Chow Chow. He is neutered with a microchip and is fully vaccinated. Mufasa weighs 70lbs.

Mufasa is not a rough dog; he typically likes to chew and roll around with his dog toys. Mufasa doesn’t engage in any type of roughhouse play with the other dogs at his foster home.  He does not care to be crated and can be left alone inside for several hours at a time without destructive behavior as long as he gets his chew toy. He enjoys strolling around the neighborhood with slow and investigative walks. Mufasa enjoys chest scratches and will gently approach you when he wants some chest rubs. He does not jump on people or the furniture.

Mufasa recently had dental work done in the form of a full cleaning as well as the removal of five bad teeth. This does not affect his appetite in any way and he is still able to eat dry food without a problem. Mufasa actually seems to be much happier since his dental work.

Mufasa is a wonderful dog and will make a great companion.

Mufasa is available for adoption through Tejas Rescued Pet Adoptions in San Antonio, TX. If you’re interested in adopting him, please call 210 416-3947 or email them at

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