Abbey’s adoption story

I was searching online and found a rescue site that had a dog I was interested in. We drove to see him and while there we saw several dogs, one of which caught my attention.  She was not the one we were there to see. The woman told us she was categorized as un-adoptable due to extreme fear issues. She ran into the other room and supposedly would not come back out.

A few minutes later, she snuck back into the room to check us out again. She hid under a table across the room just watching us. We spoke with Carol, the angel who rescued these pups from various puppy mills. Before we left, Abbey started to run back to her crate and actually hesitated at my feet so I could pet her briefly before running away.

Weeks later, I returned to see Carol and see any new rescues that might fit well with us. I saw Abbey again and this time, she came to me and let me pick her up and hold her. She had never let anyone come near her before, so Carol asked me to take her for evaluation to see if she could be worked with so that eventually she could be adopted out. I agreed.

After a few days of training and note taking, I was supposed to return Abbey to go out for possible adoption. The day she was to go back my husband and I discussed how well she had done with me and decided to try to adopt her. After Carol saw the progress in Abbey she agreed to have us fill out the necessary paperwork. So as it turned out, Abbey came to our home for evaluation and never left. Carol was so overjoyed at the prospect because she was terminally ill and was worried about some of the dogs not finding homes. Abbey was her worst case.

Our adoption was approved and 5 years later she is a regular part of our family. She has come out of her shell and actually greets strangers and other dogs on our walks. She loves to try to sneak up on lizards and bunnies on our walks. She has learned how to be a happy dog. So now we take Abbey for rides in the car and hope that Carol is looking down from heaven and seeing Abbey enjoying a normal life with a loving family. She has overcome many of her fears and has learned to receive as well as give love. She has quite the personality. We say that she is the one who rescued us. Thank you Carol and thank you Abbey.

Thank you for sharing Abbey’s adoption story with us, Susanna! It seems like you and Abbey were lucky to find each other. We’re so glad she’s a part of your family.

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