Alice’s rescue story

We were looking for a pet for a long time. My son always wanted a chihuahua. We saw an ad in the paper. We called and the woman said another couple was on the way to look at both the male and female. So me in my pajamas gathered everyone and we hit the road. My son asked, what’s going on? I told him I got a gut feeling we need to get to these puppies. Something was bothering me but I didn’t know what. At the house, it was a mess, only 2 puppies and 4 kids chasing these 5 week old puppies with brooms and vacuums. I asked the woman if she bred them or it was just a one time thing. She replied, “I breed them but always have a couple that don’t make it”. That didn’t set well with me, but I didn’t want to leave the puppies in these conditions. I saw another family walking in- without skipping a beat, they said they would take both. I was thinking what the heck. Then tragedy struck. I heard a loud yelping in the next room. I ran into the room, kids laughing pointing at the vacuum, but saw the other puppy shivering in the corner. I grabbed the vacuum, opened it up and ripped the bag. Began CPR on the female puppy. When I revived her, I cried and she licked my face. She looked eye to eye and we knew she was coming home.  Since then the woman so-called breeder, has been charged and shut down. Who knows what would have happened if we weren’t there.

Thank you for sharing Alice’s rescue story with us, Heidi! Alice is very lucky you were there to save her and give her a home.

If you would like to see your own rescue dog or cat featured here, please email and share your pet’s adoption story and a photo or two with us.

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