An unexpected adoption

Isabelle share her rescue story:

I rescued a dog a few years ago…. she came with 5 puppies, and they all got placed through an organization:

Then a few years later I rescued another dog. I was a camera assistant on a 3d commercial shoot (big deal) and the director of photography sent me to the car. On my way there I saw people with a puppy; I told them it (didn’t know if it was an he or a she) was really cute and they asked me if I wanted it. I said no thank you, and they asked if I was sure. I said absolutely, I have one and she doesn’t want a sibling. They said, well if you don’t take him, we’ll take him to the pound… so,  I took him, of course. I went back to set with the 3-month-old puppy in one hand, and the batteries in the other. It was quite funny when people told me, “Oh, I didn’t know you brought your dog” and I replied “He’s not mine, I just rescued him!” Nobody from the crew or cast wanted him so we just kept him.

I would love to see my babies’ story shared, well, because after going through a rough period of adaptation, I really feel like I couldn’t ask for better dogs, and people need to stop buying dogs even if adopting can be a little rough at first.

Thank you for sharing your rescue story with us, Isabelle. We agree, pet adoption is the best option!

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ps: Check out Isabelle’s DoggiePix!

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