Ariel’s adoption story

On a beautiful fall day in Long Island, NY my friend and I were walking in a park and saw a Rescue Van from Last Hope and decided to look at the kittens and cats offered for adoption. As soon as I saw Ariel it was love at first sight. She was so small with a lack luster coat, and I knew I had to take her home. I had already adopted a black Persian named Noir in June, but I felt he needed company.  After passing the screening test Ariel was brought to my home. She was named by the children of her foster family and I felt it suited her, so I kept her name, little princess that she was. She was the one who hissed and carried on but Noir took it in stride. After a few days, she settled down and became Noir’s kitten to love, clean and play with. It has been eleven years and a move to Georgia, and she and Noir are still with me happily loving me and allowing me to love them. Noir is now seventeen and no longer plays, but he still finds the time and energy to give Ariel her daily bath.

Thanks for sharing Ariel and Noir’s story with us, Laureen! It sounds like Ariel completed your family, and we’re so glad that she and Noir get along so well.

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