Ariel’s Adoption Story

Ariel is the  youngest Sheltie I have. When  she  first came in to  the rescue place she went straight  to the  vet. She was so scared of being  in a car they thought she had hurt  herself or had heart failure. She was fine, just scared. She also had 3 puppies with her over-breeding was another problem. When I finally got her I took her to the vet first thing, she had a bladder infection and hookworm. If she weighed 9 pounds I  did  not know where. I got meds for her and took  her  home. She had the bladder infection all the time and was afraid  of  people except me.  She came around to accepting my  husband, but no strangers at all or she would bolt.

The vet put  her on Prozac and he said it would  take  a while to see if it would work. She still had the bladder infection, couldn’t get  rid of  it – we changed meds several times when she would finish it would come right back in 2 or 3 days. They  did x-rays on her for stones, but found no stones. Finally he said to  take  her to U of I vet school  for an ultrasound in case  something did not  show up. Took her there but nothing showed up. I told them why we had this done and they said to ask the vet to increase the Prozac because fear could cause  bladder infection. Well it worked! After 6 months of treatment for bladder infection not working and the  worry.

She still has a fear of strange people but not  as bad as it was. She will be on Prozac for the rest of her life. Very great  dog around us no fear at all and she has plenty of  others dogs to play  with.

Thank you for sharing Ariel’s adoption story with us, Linda. Ariel looks so happy to be part of your family!

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