Beastie’s adoption story

I saw Beastie’s picture on the website of our local shelter and was convinced she was the one. I learned at the shelter she was in quarantine due to a respiratory illness, so we would be required to leave immediately after visiting her. After spending 30 minutes playing with dozens of beautiful, sweet, playful adoption-ready kittens, we asked to visit the unhealthy one anyway. When they pulled her out of her solitary confinement cage, she was this angry, scrawny, yowling, thrashy little beast (hence her name). She was not at all happy to meet us and surely didn’t love being handled. For reasons unknown, we liked her anyway. She remained in quarantine for 3 more weeks before we could claim her, IF the shelter concluded she was adoptable. I was overjoyed when the call came that I could come in to complete the paperwork and take her home. The counselor at the shelter looked concerned when I told her which cat I had come to adopt. She asked if I had had a chance “to interact with the animal” previously. I answered yes. Then she said, “so you know she’s a little bitey?” In retrospect, that was a mild assessment on her part. She is still hostile, occasionally angry and often bitey, but in a much gentler manner. She is the most aggressively fearless cat I have ever met and loves her dog, an 80 pound mutt named Brodie, more than I’ve ever seen a cat love anything. She’s hilarious. I’m still smitten.

Thanks for sharing Beastie’s adoption story with us, Emily! We love that you adopted a kitten that was less likely to find a home, and it sounds like she was the perfect addition to your family!

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