Beebe’s Rescue and Adoption Story

This is our Beebe. It was going to be a cold night and my husband and I went to our flea market booth to make sure everything was closed up. I was sitting talking to him and looked down and this little kitten had jumped up on my leg. I hadn’t felt her. I picked her up and there was virtually no weight to her.  I told my husband there was no way she would live through the night. As we already had a cat and didn’t want another one, we took her home with the intentions of finding her a home. We did, ours. She was full grown and only weighed around 4 lbs when we took her to the vet. Someone abused her and cut off her tail. She is now a happy and as content as a cat can be and is very loved. There was no problem getting her to trust us. She knew she was in a desperate situation and did everything to make sure we noticed her.

I wish people knew what it did to the animals they toss away. Beebe gets a little upset when I leave her and if she sees the bottom of the food bowl she lets us know. I don’t think they forget what happens to them.

Thank you so much for sharing Beebe’s rescue and adoption story with us, Linda! We’re so glad you were there for Beebe when she most needed help.

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