Billy’s adoption story

Billy in his forever home.

A friend of a co-worker of my husband’s was trying to find a home for her ex-husband’s dog. The dog was a male Aussie named Danny, 7 months old at the time. The owner had kept him in the back yard since he got him as a small puppy. The owner had a history of getting dogs, keeping them for a few months, then taking them to the shelter when he tired of them. He threatened to shoot Danny, or just drop him off somewhere if no one would take him.

My husband didn’t think twice and told the friend to just bring the pup to him at work, without ever meeting him. My husband sent me a text with a photo saying, “make room, he’s coming home”. We changed his name to Billy. For never being socialized or getting any attention the first 7 months of his life, he is the happiest, most loving and friendly dog I have ever met. He gets so excited when we touch him that he almost wiggles apart with pure joy. I had just lost my blue merle Aussie at 13 years old a few months before Billy came along, and I was really hurting. I didn’t just rescue Billy, he rescued me. He is pure joy.

Thanks for sharing Billy’s adoption story with us, Tammy! It seems like he was the perfect dog for your family, and we’re so glad you were able to give him a home.

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