Bow’s Rescue and Adoption Story

This week, Danielle R. shares with us Bow’s rescue and adoption story:

Bow was in danger of being put down when Danielle rescued him

Mine is a sad story with happy ending and multiple rescues.  I had 2 dogs: one 15 yrs old and another 8 years old. On May 18, 2012 I had to put down my 15 year old due to old age. Then 3 weeks later my other dog got really sick and I took him to vet the tests were not definitive but I nursed him and gave him meds but in the end he passed at home on June 28, 2012, 6 weeks after my other dog. I feel he had broken heart missing his buddy and it is possible that losing his buddy set things in motion and a snowball effect happened.  Meanwhile I am totally heart-broken and devastated.

My husband told me we need to get another dog, and that I needed to rescue myself from being heartbroken by rescuing a puppy. We went to out local Humane Society this past weekend and I found a little puppy. The shelter told us the whole litter was transferred from Alabama because they were all going to be put down. So by me adopting him, he has been rescued twice and he is rescuing me and healing my broken heart. I adopted him on June 30, 2012, only 2 days after my other dog passed I had to start healing process fast.

Bow at 2 months of age

He is 2 months old here and his name is “Bow.” I have attached a couple pics. The top one is the 1st pic we took of him on the drive home to our house and the other is him on couch with me.  He is gonna be a handful but he provided so much happiness and love and my healing begins.

Thank you for sharing Bow’s rescue story with us, Danielle! We’re so glad that you rescued Bow, and that he has brought so much happiness into your life.

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