Brutus’s rescue story

Brutus after being rescued!

My husband was on his way home from work one day and happened to stop at our local gas station when he noticed a dog limping in the parking lot. The dog wouldn’t let anyone get very close to him, so he called me, the area “dog whisperer”, to see if I could come take a look at him. He was dragging one of his front legs. I hopped in the car and made my way to the station in a few minutes.

As soon as I got out of the car, I started talking to the cute black and tan Rottie mix-looking pup, and his tail started to wag immediately. He let me come right up to him. I could see he had wounds on his leg, and I cleaned them with my pet first aid kit. We called our local vet’s office and told them we had an injured dog that needed our help and asked if we could bring him in. We thought he might have been hit by a car by the way he was dragging that leg. They were so nice and said to go ahead and bring him up, despite the fact that he was a stray and we weren’t sure how we’d pay for his care.

After an exam and x-rays, however, the vet determined that he’d not been hit by a car but had been shot in the chest by a shotgun! He was full of buckshot from head to tail, and they were going to need to amputate his leg and shoulder blade! I couldn’t believe it. How could anyone do this to a dog?! We worked out an agreement with our vet that we would raise the money for his care, and luckily they agreed to cut the bill in half for us since he was being rescued. We put together a press release and got a news station to do a story on him. We decided to name him Brutus since he needed a tough name to get through the next several months.

But just the day after his surgery, to my utter amazement, he was hopping around the yard at the vet hospital! He acted as though that leg had been in his way and now he was free! He has been the most resilient dog I’ve ever known and at times I have to ask myself who rescued whom! We had full intentions of getting him adopted, but over time realized that he had adopted us. He’s been our boy now for almost 3 years and is such a clown, always entertaining us and never a dull moment. This 3 legged devil, as we call him, has climbed fences and even a tree once in an attempt to catch a possum! My husband calls him “handi-capable”, not handicapped!  Nothing slows Brutus down. He is truly the pup that won’t give up!

Thanks for sharing Brutus’ rescue story with us, Farah! He certainly sounds like an amazing, resilient pup.

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