Bumble’s Adoption Story

Susan D. shares the story of how sweet Bumble made her a foster failure!

In the spring of 2011 my friend Ninna Lopez, founder of Ninna’s  Road to Rescue, asked me if I could foster two kittens, about two weeks old, whose mother had been killed. Having fostered and bottle fed kittens in the past, I agreed.  I received two tiny solid white kittens covered in fleas.  After a bath and a bottle, they settled in to stay with me until forever homes could be found.  The little girl I named Betty (Betty White, of course!).

Thinking the second kitten was a boy, I named him Bumble—after the Abominable Snowman. By the time I realized that I had two girls, the name Bumble fit her, and she had fit right into my home and heart. So that’s the story of how I became a foster failure like so many rescuers before me.

Bumble is the best natured cat I have ever known, willing to love everyone and everything she meets, and if they don’t want to love her back, she takes it in stride and continues on with her happy, curious, into-everything business.  And no more fleas for her…thanks to her monthly flea treatments that we get from PetMeds.   Oh, and by the way, Betty White was adopted by my mother, so these two girls stayed all in the family!

Thank you for sharing Bumble’s adoption story, Susan! Bumble is adorable.

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