Camie’s Rescue and Adoption Story

On July 4th, I rescued a little puppy that was left to die all alone.  You can see her progress on her Facebook page.  Her name is Camie… She lay dying on the cold, wet ground…. her skin opened to the air… demodectic mange. When I rescued her, maggots fell off her body as I lifted her up.  The vet said it was the worst case he’d ever seen of demodectic mange, complicated by her laying on the ground, dying.

Camie, 11 days after her rescue

I wanted to share her story, and made a Facebook page… where people come to follow, donate for her medical care,  and follow her journey back to wellness.  She has a long ways to go… but… she’s come such a long way!

Gloria, thank you for sharing Camie’s rescue and adoption story! Your precious Camie has made a remarkable transformation thanks to the love and care you’ve provided for her.

You can follow Camie’s  journey on her Facebook page, “Precious Camo.” If you’d like to see your own rescue dog or cat featured here, just email PetMeds at and share your pet’s adoption story and a photo or two of your own rescue dog or cat.

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  • Gloria – thank, Thank, THANK God for heart-based people like YOU!

  • Margaret C says:

    I give you so much respect for helping this poor dog, who knows the conditions she was living in before you found her. I would like to follow her progress. I wish I could donate something, but I live on a fixed income, and have a vet bill I am paying off from having to put my 16 year old Persian down. With love and help I was able to keep him living for 3 years with kidney disease. I don’t doubt that Camie will do well with the love and help you receive

  • A.J. says:

    Bless you for taking care of her…so many others would have passed, and missed out on her love and devotion.

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  • Theresa Wiza says:

    I’ve been following Camie’s progress through Gloria, who is one of the most generous and loving people I’ve met. She saw a dog who needed care, and she stepped up to provide it.

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