Cassie and Ziva’s adoption story

After the loss of our sweet lab Ben, our house seemed very quiet and lonely. We started looking at rescue dogs in our area and came across a lab-hound mix at the Franklin County Humane Society. Within the next few days, we went to visit her and fell in love immediately. We adopted her on the spot and brought her home at around 9 weeks old. We named her Cassie, and though she could never replace Ben, the house seemed livelier with her around and we slowly began to heal from our loss. Cassie adjusted well to being with us and enjoyed the family trip to the beach immensely.

The fall after we adopted Cassie, we got word of another dog needing a home at the Salem Animal Shelter. We went to visit her to gauge whether she and Cassie might get along well. We adopted her that day, named her Ziva, and brought her home to introduce her to Cassie. They instantly became best friends and love to roughhouse together whenever possible. Snuggling on the couch together is a favorite past time, and their favorite food is gummy bears. Nothing can replace the animals we have had in the past, and they will always hold a special place in our heart, but Ziva and Cassie have brought a new light into our lives and we look forward to every moment we get to share with them.

Thank you for sharing Cassie and Ziva’s adoption stories with us, Victoria! We’re glad you opened your home to them after the loss of Ben, and it sounds like they have been a great addition to your family!

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