Ceasar’s adoption story

When our beloved Maxie and Dani passed away, within months of each other, we were devastated.  I have NEVER been without a dog in my life. Looking at my empty backyard and the “silence” that went with it was too much! So my daughter and I began visiting our local shelter on a regular basis. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted, but we knew we wanted a large breed.  We began researching breeds to see which characteristics would work best with our lifestyle.  Because we own horses and goats and visit the ranch (where they are boarded) almost daily, we wanted a dog that could go with us and be comfortable in a ranch setting.

It didn’t take long when on one visit to the shelter we saw him.  He was big, beautiful, and looked like a polar bear.  He is a Great Pyrenees and Great Dane mix.  He had no tags, therefore no name was known for him. One look into those huge brown eyes and we knew he was “the one”.  We named him Ceasar.  Upon getting him home it became very clear there had been abuse and neglect. He would sit like a stone statue if you tried to touch him.  Every muscle in his body would tense up and his eyes would blink, as if expecting to be hit. My heart sank. I perform massage therapy on dogs, cats and horses.  So I began “massaging” Ceasar every day. Eventually, this stone statue began to soften. We have had Ceasar for over a year now and he is now the largest lap dog I have ever seen! He is 85 pounds of love.  He wants nothing more than to be glued to me with his head in my hands. He is phenomenal with other animals whether it be cats, dogs, goats, horses, and cows! We are so proud and happy to have Ceasar as part of our family we can’t imagine our life without him.

Thanks for sharing Ceasar’s adoption story with us, Julie! We’re so glad he opened up to you, and it seems like you found the perfect dog for your family!

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