Chandler’s rescue story

Chandler was dumped outside of an animal shelter with severe mange. He had almost no hair and his skin was raw and scabbed. I have the extremely sad pictures to show his miserable condition. They didn’t even have the decency to take him inside the shelter! The shelter staff said they didn’t even know what color he would be.

When I adopted him he was very thin and now he is a healthy weight. He was never given a chance by his first owners who couldn’t be bothered to take him to get treatment for his condition. Now he helps me keep my chickens safe from other predators. He is so gentle that my daughter’s cat uses him as a petting post.

He is a 60 pound lap dog who will never have to worry about being mistreated ever again.

Thanks for sharing Chandler’s rescue and adoption story with us, Tracy. We’re so glad this sweet boy found a safe, loving home with you.

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