Charlie’s adoption story

I was on Petfinder looking for a small dog to go with our Labradoodle, Hartley. I found Charlie, AKA Storm, at a rescue in Phoenix. I fell in love with his photo. We called and made an appointment to go see him. When I called again to let them know we were on our way, they informed me that he had been adopted. Even though I hadn’t met him, I was heartbroken.

We agreed to come and check out other dogs needing a home though. A few minutes after arriving, the manager of the rescue came. She asked if we were the people looking to adopt Storm, and we said yes but understood that he had been adopted. Much to my surprise, she informed us that he had been returned and was at the groomers. We asked if we could go there and meet him, and she made the arrangements.

We went to the groomers, and there he was. He was an absolute mess, matted and bottom end covered in feces. It was deplorable. We made up our mind right then we wanted him dirt and all. We paid the rehoming fee, bought a blanket to cover him and brought him home. That was 5 years ago. He rules the house. Charlie, as we named him, is a feisty little guy and is fun to have. Hartley and he get along just fine. Guess he was meant to be ours.

Thank you for sharing Charlie’s adoption story with us, Linda! It seems like he was meant to be a part of your family, and we’re glad you were able to welcome him into your family.

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