Chucky’s Adoption Story

Starr shares the story of how she adopted Chucky and gave him the love and attention he so deserved:

Hi my name is Starr. My husband Don and I adopted Chucky from a local animal shelter.  The person that had him before just gave him up and in their home he spent hours in the kennel and he had very bad social and separation anxiety.  It took a year of working with him every day socializing and letting him know we wouldn’t give him up.  Six years later he is such a loving and awesome dog.  We couldn’t imagine our lives without him.

We camp every weekend and he loves to hike.  He loves other people and dogs now.  He sleeps with us and goes everywhere with us. Even to the nursing home to visit my mother-in-law. Everyone loves seeing him. He is without doubt the best dog in the world!

Thanks for sharing Chucky’s adoption story with us, Starr.  It’s clear that Chucky blossomed under your loving care.

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