Chuy’s adoption story

Growing up, my family always had dogs, and after I got out of college and could have a pet, I decided that I wanted to adopt a dog. I searched many shelters in the area, but one little shelter that was located about 2 hours away had a little Chihuahua that I fell in love with after looking at his pictures and a video of him prancing around next to a couple of Boxers like they were his escorts, and he was royalty to them.

I contacted the shelter and filled out an application to adopt him. I drove the 2 hours to that shelter to meet him. The lady that ran the shelter was really happy that I had contacted her about Chuy because he had been there a while and nobody had expressed interest in him. As it turned out, Chuy had a sad past. He was abandoned as a puppy and was taken in by a shelter. That shelter had no room for him, so he was sent to another shelter. When that shelter became crowded, Chuy was sent to another shelter. No one expressed interest in Chuy for months, and when that shelter became crowded, they decided that he was going to have to be euthanized since nobody seemed to want him. Some volunteers there hid him in a cupboard when it came time to euthanize him, and they were able to secretly transfer him to this little shelter that this lady ran out of her house. He remained there for a while, until I came to meet him.

I instantly fell in love when I saw him. He was well taken care of, and he was a really good dog with no health problems or bad behavior issues. I couldn’t believe no one wanted this little guy. I decided that I had to adopt him, so he said goodbye to his foster mom and came to live with his new mommy. I’ve had him for four years now, and now, my partner has adopted him as well. Now he has two mommies that love him very much. He is very cuddly and likes to give lots of kisses. He is a funny little guy and thinks he is a big dog. I couldn’t imagine life without my little son, Chuy. My family wouldn’t be complete without him.

Thanks for sharing Chuy’s adoption story with us, Jessica! We’re so glad that he found a home with you after spending so much time in shelters.

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